The Iowa State Patient Registry is a multi-disciplinary data collection, analysis and reporting system for a variety of state and national registries including trauma and burn.


Iowa ImageTrend Trauma Data Registry
Iowa trauma facilities must regularly submit trauma related data to IDPH. The Iowa ImageTrend Data Registry System allows for a web-based mechanism to record and submit required trauma data elements in a confidential electronic format. Information submitted to Iowa ImageTrend Trauma Data Registry will facilitate the development of clinical and system quality improvement, injury prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation programs.


Iowa Trauma Data Collected

  • Demographic information of the injured person.
  • Information about the date, location, and cause of injury.
  • Information about the condition of the injured person.
  • Information about the treatment, comorbidities, and diagnosis of the injured person.
  • Information about the outcome and disposition of the injured person.

All individual specific data submitted through the system is confidential based on Iowa Administrative Code 147A.


Studies & Reports Developed Based on Collected Data

  • Trauma hospitals use the data to support clinical and system quality improvement necessary to operate a trauma hospital.
  • Summary data is provided to public and private entities to conduct studies.
  • An annual report is published that includes comparative demographic and risk-adjusted epidemiological data on designated trauma hospitals.